compassion international

Compassion Sunday 2024: April 28th

Compassion International is a unique
organization dedicated to releasing children
from poverty in Jesus’ name.
You can sponsor a child by clicking the button
below and choosing a child in need.  
Contact Rod Hite if you have any questions.
We have some exciting updates to share with you about the global impact of Compassion Sunday!
When a huge group of people decides to speak up for children living in poverty in a unified voice, it makes everything worth it!

Because, despite all the challenges this past year threw at us all ...
29 different program countries
8,200 Frontline Church Partners
Serving nearly 2.2 million children & youth
living in unacceptable poverty
How awesome is that?! We hope that these numbers remind you that you took part in something big. You lifted up your voice and your heart alongside so many others to make sure that more children are released from poverty in Jesus’ name. And since you were such a vital part of this amazing group, we’ll be excited to fill you in about how you can get involved in bringing hope to children all around the world next year!
Thank you again for so boldly and faithfully answering a call to HOPE.
Are you a member of FBC Canton & have sponsored a child?
Please scan the QR code or click the "Form" button so that we can stay in touch!
Thank you!!